Sunday, May 18, 2014

Well, now that the snow is finally gone...

I can finally post this Christmas layout! I couldn't bear to look at anything white and fluffy for awhile, like a lot of people I know... and so I'm finally getting around to posting this layout of our first 5 km race as a family. The race was at our local Running Room, profits went to the Salvation Army. DS#1 ran with me and the stroller, DS#2 ran ahead with his Dad, not wanting to miss anything, and DS#3 cried most of the race, having spilled some water on his lap. Who wants to be wet in a jogging stroller? But the medals were awesome, the nicest ones yet I think. They were at least top 5!

I might have used every bit of this Jillibean Soup collection. And to think I almost didn't get it at first because it was too "pink". But I love how this turned out, the teal, pink and red are a great combo. So bright and merry...and this is such a great family memory to preserve.

Thanks for looking, I love reading your comments- Hope you have a great long weekend and a bit of scrappy time.

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  1. Love the layout! What an awesome memory to cherish forever!!